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Glass replacement 
Sealed Units

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Upvc windows and doors 
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Replacement glass / Sealed units

Moisture in between your double glazed glass? 
We call this a failed or misted up Sealed unit. 
The ” seal” refers to the glue that holds the 2 panes of glass together, over time this can perish causing a break in the seal and a build up of moisture collects inside the cavity of the glass unit. 
This looks very unsightly and also means the windows thermal properties are compromised. 
We can replace Double glazed Sealed Units of all types , Even obscure, Leaded and Georgian bar glass can be replaced cost effectively without the need for new windows. 

Replacement of failed mechanisms, handles, hinges and locks.

UPVC  windows and doors have been around for over 40 years and are recognised as a long lasting and durable product however they all have moving parts that can wear and fail at anytime. 
Over the years I have gained the experience and skills to replace even the oldest and sometimes obsolete parts that are installed in Upvc Windows and doors, Eliminating the need for new frames. 
Typical examples of parts that fall are hinges in windows creating gaps, Failed window mechanisms and handles causing jammed windows, Failed door mechanisms that leave a door stuck or even worse open and unable to be secured. 

Alignments and adjustments

If your door or window is not operating correctly a simple alignment or adjustment may be all it needs. 
A poorly aligned door or window creates pressure on the moving parts and can cause then to fail prematurely, Which in turn could lead to a much higher repair bill. 
The most common alignment issue I see is a door that’s difficult to lock, The resident is having to use force to lock the door often pulling the handle up hard. This will cause the handle to wear and also the door locking mechanism. If the mechanism fails the repair bill will almost certainly be in the hundreds of pounds to fix. A simple alignment is much less and will get a door back to locking and sealing like new.